Hydrodex has employed the advantages of FRP material and used its special inherent strength and corrosion resistance technology to provide a superior filter vessel that is the best choice for a wide variety of uses.

The HCFI Series may contain 96 or 107 filter cartridge inside a 800mm barrel. Cartridge filters flow rates are designed at 5 gpm per 10" equivalent of filter cartridges which is the recommended flow rate for sizing.

The Hydrodex line of vessels and filtration systems provide exceptional chemical resistance and outstanding tensile strength.

  • HCFI housings are constructed from a proprietary fiberglass reinforced plastic barrel manufactured with a flexible and fatigue-resistant vinyl ester resin.
  • Seamless construction adds strength and longevity.
  • Engineered to minimize downtime; easy to clean and replace parts.
  • Internal components are constructed of ABS. PVC and other materials are also available for specialized applications.
  • Externals are constructed of anodized ASME accepted aluminum & 316 stainless steel with other materials optional.
  • Buna O-rings are standard, Viton is also available upon request.

The following flow rates are suggested for standard use, significantly higher rates may be obtained with corresponding pressure drop.

HCFI Product Flow Rate Filter Cartridge Size Number of Cartridges
96HCFI30-8PE 1,440 GPM 30" 96
96HCFI40-8PE 1,920 GPM 40" 96
96HCFI50-8PE 2,400 GPM 50" 96
107HCFI30-8FF 1,605 GPM 30" 107
107HCFI40-8FF 2,140 GPM 40" 107
107HCFI50-8FF 2,675 GPM 50" 107




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